May 132012

SubsHub is a simple program to download subtitle easily. It’s open source program, so I modified several things for my own usage.

SubsHub by

Its feature set:
– Select a video and download its subtitle
– Select a folder and download subtitles for all videos in this folder and recursively
I also add several things:
– Several bug fixes
– Can skip video if it already have srt subtitle. It also can download its subtitle with different file name so it won’t replace its original srt subtitle
– Textbox is editable, so you can copy video path to this textbox, faster than select video/ folder again

It’s an open source project, so you can download its original code, also my modification code. Everything created in C#.

If you like, you can make paypal donation to its original author:


SubsHub Installer:
SubsHub Source Code:
Original source code:

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